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Chris Hudak

Chris Hudak

Chris Hudak is a writer, former San Francisco Zoo penguin recorder, frequent-flyer junkie, self-proclaimed lucid dream expert, poolshark-in-minnow’s-clothing, “student” of all things Japanese, borderline alcoholic (see “writer”), video-gamer-with-a-life, and moonlighting, kinda-sorta actor in his copious spare time.  He writes weird fiction, and contributes articles to Playboy, Wired, The Toronto Star, and whoever else has money.  Chris is the protagonist of the Harlan Ellison short story “Keyboard”—no, really—and someday wants a house in Walt Disney World.

...but F.E.A.R. itself. There is such a thing as cultural osmosis, the indirect gleaning of knowledge, wisdom or just plain…

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