Armored Core: Nexus

  • Shooter

Years have passed since the incident at the Silent Line, and with it the collaborative effort began by the Corporations in response to it is long gone. The battle between the Corporations has re-emerged and continues unabated. Now a new Corporation has entered the scene; this Corporation, Navis, while nowhere near the size of the other Corporations, does have a trump card; it has complete control over a brand new and very useful resource, and they do not intend to share. The other Corporations obviously will not sit back and let that stand, so they set up contracts with Ravens through Raven’s Ark. Of course, Navis is employing the use of the Ravens as well, and a full-scale conflict seems apparent on the horizon. Once again, you are thrust into the lines of corporate warfare, but does something even more dangerous lie in wait? It is the sequel to Silent Line: Armored Core.

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