Snake Pliskin meets Gandalf the Wizard. Preview

Snake Pliskin meets Gandalf the Wizard.

Once sentenced to the harsh prison world of Gothic, there is no escape from a

living death in the darkness of the mines. Precious goods are dropped in exchange

for the hard-won ore, making the mines all that stands between the prisoners and

certain death. Control of the mines is key, and makeshift ore barons battle with

runaway mine slaves and apocalyptic cultists for dominance over the labyrinths.

To survive, you’ll have to choose your friends and enemies carefully in this upcoming

action/RPG from Piranha Bytes.

Gothic is a promising adventure set in a detailed 3D world populated

by hostile creatures and tightly organized factions of prisoners. The world

of Gothic is a dynamic one, in which events that occur during the course

of play alter the world itself as well as the relations between the various

factions of NPCs.

Players will choose from four character classes: Warrior, Thief, Magician, or Psionic. Each character type possesses different abilities and experiences different perspectives, dialogue, animations, and locations. Gameplay will include plenty of jobs to perform, objectives to complete, and puzzles to solve.

Much thought was put into the actions and motivations of the more than 200 NPCs and monsters. Each living creature encountered within the game has its own routine of waking, sleeping, and social interaction. Monsters, like their human counterparts, may cooperate to achieve their desired objectives. Most creatures have been scripted with the ability to see, hear, and smell. Those who have only one or two of these senses have developed them to acute levels.

With this kind of AI running amuck, it is impossible to survive in Gothic

without allies. Making allies and maintaining good relations will be challenging,

as NPCs have very good memories and will recall a previous act of treachery.

They also won’t hesitate to sound the alarm if they happen to witness a hostile

act committed against one of their own.

Gothic boasts simple game controls which will allow players to become

immersed in a virtual world while using less than a dozen keys. Lower end system

requirements and self-explanatory gameplay should make Gothic particularly

user friendly. The grim storyline and unique NPC and monster scripting give

Gothic the potential to provide a unique, absorbing and entertaining

gaming experience.

You’ll be able to judge for yourself whether Gothic lives up to its

potential when it comes up for parole this summer for the PC.

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