Break out the Band-Aids. Preview

Break out the Band-Aids.

If you’ve ever stayed up for a late night round of channel surfing, you’ve

probably borne witness to some of the dregs of film school. Every once in a

while, however, you’ll stumble across a gem. A film so noteworthy, it stands

like a shining diamond amongst a sea of cubic zirconia. My friends, I’m talking

about the classic “B” movie.

With the increasing popularity of survival-horror games on our favorite gaming

platforms, it was only a matter of time before a true B movie made an appearance.

Welcome to Illbleed, one of the most…uh…interesting games to

grace the GR doorstep. With a combination of horror and humor, it’s “B”-ness

shines like Godzilla’s Dance of Joy.

Fictitious B-movie producer Michael Reynolds is the creator of a famous theme

park known as “Illbleed.” Reynolds has issued a challenge to all comers – survive

the horrors of the park and win ONE MILLION DOLLARS (uh, that’s one million

fictitious dollars, of course). People go in, but they never come out.


You’re Eriko, the leader of the horror club at Castle Rock School. A few of

your fellow club members stupidly went into the park and were never heard from

again. So like any other purple-haired

, you’ve got to venture into the park to save their butts from danger.

Just remember not to run into the woods, take a shower, or (of course) get freaky.

Those people die every time.

Unlike the average horror game where every zombie is trying to grab a taste

of your juicy cerebellum, Illbleed sets out to scare you to death through

traps, monsters and other horrific events. Your weapons? Sight, hearing, smell,

and sixth sense, just to name a few. You’ll have to use them effectively to

escape the horrors of the park. Each time you encounter a nasty surprise or

shock, your character’s heart begins to race and your very life will be threatened

by a simple heart attack.

So armed with your trusty senses, you’ll face a ton of shock events that threaten

to put you six feet under. And when I say shock, I mean spine tingling, pants

wetting, heart stopping shock. Anything and everything IS out to get

you. See that innocent-looking lightbulb in the corner? It’s a monster. That

computer monitor you’re staring at? Definitely a death trap. The pus-oozing

zombie with a blowtorch hiding behind the curtains? Well, duh.

Promising a refreshing blend of gameplay along with fear and fun rolled into

one, Illbleed is one frightfest survival-horror fans should watch for.

We’ll just have to keep our eyes out this February and hope this game comes

packed with its own electrocardiograph. Clear!

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