We didn’t start the fire. Preview

We didn’t start the fire.

In the world of real time strategy games, it often seems that each game has

to try some different ‘hook’, a way to distinguish it from the rest. Most pick

a different theme. There’s your science fiction and fantasy RTS’s. Other games

pick one historical era, or encompass the total span of history. There has to

be another way to open up this genre of gaming.

Well, Kingdom Under Fire is attempting a new route. Yes, its your traditional

fantasy-based RTS, filled with warriors, orcs, and other elements of Middle

Earth. But it adds a RPG element to the mix that may well deliver a fresh take

on this tiring genre.

Units will gain attributes and strength with victories, becoming stronger and

more powerful for the challenges ahead. Action and dialogue in the vein of role

playing games, plus a plot with more defined main characters, will help immerse

the gamer.

On the continent of Beriah, there is an epic battle between the Race of Light

and the Race of Darkness. Rick Blood (from the Long Island Bloods), bearing

great strength with the magic of Darkness, has become the Ruler of Darkness,

giving him more power, more stock options and better health coverage. Blood

then began invading the human nations in the name of the Dark Legion. Haroniden,

the nation of Sado, was Blood’s first target. Haroniden’s hope lies with Gernot

Von Rechersberg, the prince and head of The Knights of Court.

In the one level campaign preview, the presentation of the game works nicely,

with smoothly animated characters and interesting sound effects. Everything

keeps with the Middle Earth style (think The Hobbit) that the plot promises

to fulfill. The game already boasts 120,000 frames of animation and soldiers

yell out some pretty funny voice clips. And, as with most RTS games, hotkeys

become quickly learned, allowing you to jet through the game. Without hotkey

knowledge, you’ll be left slightly slower.

RTS and RPG together at last? Will this be a happy matrimony, to be followed

by many children? Or will it be more like Albertson’s and Luckys?

Lucky’s is a west coast supermarket chain. Albertsons is a larger supermarket

chain. Albertson’s bought Lucky’s out. For a while, the many new Albertson’s

stores showcased advertisements of Albertson’s and Lucky’s grocery bags being

married. Isn’t that so nice and happy? Two grocery bags together at last. They

even had wedding cakes at their supermarkets.

But now it’s a different story. The honeymoon is long over, and you never

hear anything about Lucky’s. Poor Lucky’s! Completely caught up in this marriage,

overshadowed and left to neglect by mean ol’ Albertson’s. Name changed and identity

gone. Business merger, you say? More like Lucky’s is trapped in a loveless marriage

that never should have been!

(Note: Game Revolution neither agrees nor disagrees with Johnny’s inane

ramblings about supermarkets, and frankly, we have no idea what prompted this

turn of events or what it has to do with Kingdom Under Fire. We only

left it in because it needed to be said. – Ed)

This is sarcasm, folks. Who cares about two grocery chains? Hell if I do.

Microsoft and Bungie on the other hand… let’s just say the jury is still out.

Anyway, check out the pictures and watch for the game’s release this winter.

If RTS and RPG can truly be wedded and bedded, than this game will be more than

a one-night stand.

Huzzah! Kingdom Under Fire is due out Fall 200 for the PC.

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