GTA Online Weekly Update

GTA Online Weekly Update (January 12): Buy the Railgun from the Gun Van

GTA Online‘s weekly update for January 12-18 has arrived, with the recent changes making the Railgun weapon available to the masses via the Gun Van. The Railgun had previously only featured in GTA V’s Enhanced Edition and in very select missions and modes for GTA Online. With the Railgun now being readily available to purchase for GTA$ 657,000 from the Gun Van, players are sure to be taking their personal anti-air weapons for a spin this week, so there’s plenty of chaos to be expected, as usual.

GTA Online: Where is the Gun Van?

GTA Online Weekly Update

Finding the Gun Van isn’t too difficult, but it’s first important to note that it won’t be in the same place every day. Today, January 12, it can be found at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station, located in the San Chianski Mountain Range, east of the RON Alternates Wind Farm.

The easiest way to find the Gun Van on any given day is to check your map and look for the Gun Van symbol, you can easily filter to it and set a waypoint. Once you’ve arrived, simply approach and interact with the Gun Van to upgrade your arsenal.

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