Buy Microsoft Game For $9.95, Get 1600 MSP Free?!

Starting today until May 5th, the online Microsoft Store is offering a free Xbox LIVE 1600 points card with you purchase certain titles. Most of the qualifying titles are in the $60 range, but there are some oddly inexpensive titles that you can take advantage of:

Dead Rising (X360) for $12.99

Soul Calibur IV (X360) for $19.95

Fable (Xbox) for $9.95

Mass Effect 2 (X360) for $19.95

Rock Band 2 (X360) for $19.95

The Beatles: Rock Band (X360) for $19.95

LEGO Batman
for $19.95

And hey, if perchance you don't care for a game, you can always sell or trade it in (for more points, I suppose).

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