Apex Legends Devs Confirm Skill-based Matchmaking Improvements
Image via Respawn

Apex Legends Devs Confirm Skill-based Matchmaking Improvements

Apex Legends developers Respawn have shared data that confirms that their work on improving skill-based matchmaking is seeing fruitful results. SBMM is a hotly discussed topic among fans of any fast-paced multiplayer FPS game and is vital to ensuring that players are paired with those of similar skill levels in lobbies. Apex in particular has been in the firing line from upset fans unable to be placed in matches of their skill level. However, on January 3, Respawn tweeted that they’d been seeing positive results after some tests conducted over the holidays.

Apex Legends: When are SBMM changes coming?

Currently, there is no date or window for an update that would improve SBMM provided by Respawn yet, but after viewing the below-released graph of kill data in the test region used over the holidays, it’s clear to see that kill counts have shot up.

Image via @/Respawn on Twitter

It’s looking like Respawn has found a way to better balance Apex Legends’ matchmaking here, however, the exact percentage of increase in players able to get a kill in this data is still unknown, and there are yet to be any further details released regarding the exact changes the devs will be making to satiate player needs.

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