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h3h3’s Ethan Klein Claims Andrew Callaghan Has Confirmed Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are True

YouTube channel h3h3 Productions’ Ethan Klein has claimed that he has spoken with Channel 5 and All Gas No Brakes creator and documentarian Andrew Callaghan, and that Callaghan has privately confirmed that the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him are true.

Klein appeared in a livestream this week talking to his viewers about the allegations against Andrew Callaghan, in which he said he had spoken with Callaghan following the misconduct claims being made public. Klein, who describes himself as a friend of Callaghan’s with the pair having previously appeared in YouTube videos together, said that the documentarian is currently in a “psych ward” due to struggling with “panic attacks” following the allegations.

Andrew Callaghan has “confirmed” allegations are true, says Klein

Klein went on to say that Callaghan had “confirmed what [the alleged victims are] saying is true,” continuing: “He confirmed that he knew the girls and that he had encounters with them.”

Klein’s comments can be viewed below:

Callaghan, who recently debuted his documentary This Place Rules on HBO, has faced multiple claims of sexual misconduct and assault over the past two weeks. This includes one alleged victim’s claims he had forcefully put his down her pants after she had told him to stop.

Callaghan has yet to publicly respond to the allegations.

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