Speeding Down The Information Superhighway. Preview

Speeding Down The Information Superhighway.

Buy your favorite piece of American steel, trick it out from the wheels up and

challenge the unwary to an all-out asphalt-eating contest. The winner gets parts,

pink slips or bragging rights at the local all-night diner. The loser…well,

the loser gets to spend more time under the hood.

No, it isn’t a scene from American Graffiti. It’s the latest and most

ambitious creation in the Need for Speed series and it’s definitely the

prettiest pup in the litter.

By the time Need for Speed:

Motor City
rolls onto the shelves, it will be sporting a completely new

game engine, incredible graphics, enhanced physics and will offer the widest

selection of classic cars in any racing game to date. But it is the revolutionary

multiplayer mode that is the real star here. Electronic Arts aspires to create

an online world, a virtual racing community with as much depth as massively

multiplayer fantasy games like Everquest

or Ultima Online.

Online gamers will be able to meet, chat and race in twelve different districts

of Motor City, a unique virtual city-world with distinct racing areas, an active

economy, and a sanctioned racing circuit (complete with its own soon-to-be-coveted

Motor City Cup).

The cars you’ll be racing will be yours, not a carbon copy of the next guy’s.

Motor City will feature over 30 licensed cars from the 30’s to the early

70’s with more to be downloadable after ship date. All of these machines are

fully upgradable and thousands of auto parts, both licensed and generic, will

be available for sale or trade. From transmission to fuzzy dice, the cars will

be what you make them. Even paintjobs are completely customizable, not just

an Earl Schieb $99 special. Every car has the potential to be a true work of


Another unique feature will be the Motor City Gazette, a virtual town newspaper. Players will be able to buy, sell and trade cars and parts (even paintjobs), learn where the cops hang out and find out who got busted for speeding or reckless driving the night before.

Maybe you just want to race and don’t have time for multiplayer, or perhaps you want to hone your driving skills without humiliating yourself in public. Never fear, EA has thought of you, too. Need for Speed: Motor City also has a variety of different game modes allowing for offline jump-on play.

The enterprising folks at EA seem to have thought of everything. If all that

brainwork pays off, Motor City should prove to be the best in the Need

for Speed
series and will be vying for best racing sim of the year. Of course,

we’ll have to wait until Fall for a test drive, but that will give racing sim

fanatics a chance to say good-bye to their loved ones.

Greasers rejoice! Motor City is due out in Fall 2000 for the PC.

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