Power Stone 2 Preview

By the power of Capcom!

Continuing its tradition of fighting game sequel madness, Capcom officially announced

plans to release Power Stone 2 for the Dreamcast this fall. The ‘stoners’

have returned for yet another intense round of fighting madness, with tons of

new goodies thrown in for good measure. Can you feel the power?

One of the coolest features of this sequel is the four player simultaneous fighting. This option is rarely attempted in fighting games and definitely promises to become a hit at backyard boogies and large underground raves.

Also noteworthy are the superbly crafted stages. The 3D multi-tiered levels

(a la DOA2) are

a definite treat for the eyes. Capcom has even added three playable vehicles

(fort, tank, and airplane) to complement the 65 weapons available in the game.

The eight original fighters have returned and are joined by four all new characters.

There’s Pete (the kid), Julia (the lady), Gourmand (the chef), and Accel (the

cowboy). These new characters add to the zaniness of the Power

series and may just become one of your favorites.

The basic gameplay remains the same as the original, but with a slight twist. While the main objective of the game is to defeat your opponents, secondary goals, like racing to the top of a complex obstacle course, are also thrown into the mix. Sounds a bit odd, but it really adds some depth.

With great four player capabilities, beautiful stages, and a wide assortment

of destructive capabilities, Power Stone 2 looks to serve up a nice,

big helping of Capcom fighting goodness. The way the game is shaping up, it

just might become one of the must-own titles of the season.

Brawlers rejoice! Power Stone 2 is due out this Fall for the Dreamcast.

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