Downtown Julie Brown, eat your heart out. Preview

Downtown Julie Brown, eat your heart out.

The Morolians are coming and they want to take over your Dreamcast! Those sinister

aliens of funk will begin their invasion this spring and are dancing up a storm.

So far, they’ve brainwashed helpless humans and made them dance slaves. Who will

save the day? It’s Ulala, the futuristic, pink-haired reporter in a plastic orange



one of the featured games at Sega’s E3 carnival, Space Channel 5 definitely

got the royal treatment it rightly deserves. Go-go dancers in retro-futuristic

(yes, it’s an oxymoron, but trust me, it’s still true) costumes were everywhere,

combating the evil, inflatable Morolians that had attached themselves to the

wrists of a few humans. This section of Sega’s E3 madness was one the most crowded

areas on the floor, with an endless stream of people lining up to save Earth

from the invading Morolians.

Fortunately for you, the GR crew was able to beat back the masses with a rolled

up copy of the E3 Show Daily, risking life, limb, and sanity to bring you the

latest news on the music game of the next generation.

Space Channel 5 might best be described as a really cool, musical ‘Simon

Says.’ The Morolians shake their cans around and Ulala must fight them by replicating

their moves to the beat. Do well, and the hypnotized humans will come out of

their trance and join your side, dancing for the freedom of the world. Do poorly,

and the audience will boo you ’til the cows come home.

The visuals of Space Channel 5 are simply stunning. 78 unique characters

dance up a storm in fantastic, futuristic settings. Each of the space age backgrounds

seems like the perfect dance floor for shakin’ your groove thang.

Ah yes, but a dance game must have music, right? What kind of game would Space

Channel 5
be without tunes that get your body moving? Thankfully, Sega was

able to produce a quality soundtrack that managed to get the E3 game geeks dancing.

Tracks are altered between stages and are even based on gamer performance. One

of Space Channel 5‘s tracks, entitled “Mexican Flyer,” will even be remixed

and released as a dance single on the Tommy Boy Silver Label.

To add to the replay value, the game includes several hidden levels and a

few mini-quests. Another surprise that Sega has in store for gamers is a special

guest celebrity who can be rescued with an exceptional performance. After a

six-pack of beer, two well-placed moles and a sacrificial Bothan, the super

powered intelligence division here at GR has learned the identity of this secret

character. We could tell you, but then we’d have to bust your kneecaps.

So far, Space Channel 5 is shaping up to be one of the best dancing/music

action games that has ever seen the light of day. Get ready to get your groove


Polish up your dancin’ shoes! Space Channel 5 is due out in Spring 2000 for the Dreamcast.

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