Modern Warfare 2 Countdown Bundle Easter Egg

Modern Warfare 2 New Year’s Day Easter Egg Finally Uncovered

2023 is looking to be an exciting time for Modern Warfare 2 players with the start of Season 2 confirmed by an insider for a March release and Ranked Play coming soon. In the meantime, however, it seems that a bloody fun New Year’s Easter Egg has been discovered by players who purchased recent Blueprint bundles. The Easter Egg sees the blood spatter from certain weapon bundles changed from a standard splatter effect to a spelling of “23” or “Happy New Year.”

MW2: How to get the New Year blood spatter Easter Egg

To trigger these celebratory blood spatter messages, players will need to purchase the Countdown Lachmann-556 and Party Popper .50 GS weapon Blueprints through the Tracer Pack.

Image via u/TNT_Jonathan on Reddit

To get the Easter Egg, simply take out an enemy close enough to a wall, and one of the two messages will appear. Discoverer TNT_Jonathan explains:

“It works for either of the two New Year bundle weapons. Either Blueprint can get the two blood splatters. The 23 is way more common than Happy New Year from my testing.”

The user also explains that the effect can be triggered when shooting at a target from above also. While there’s no true advantage to equipping these weapons, it’s a pretty fun, dark-humored Easter Egg.

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