Hogwarts Legacy Voice Cast

Hogwarts Legacy Voice Cast Adds Simon Pegg as Hogwarts Headmaster

New information about the Hogwarts Legacy voice cast has been officially revealed. Highlights of the folks giving voices to in-game characters include Simon Pegg as headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black, as well as Sebastian Croft and Amelia Gething as the playable character options.

Hogwarts Legacy Cast: List of all voice actors

  • Headmaster Phineas Black is played by Simon Pegg.
  • Playable Character (Male) is played by Sebastian Croft.
  • Playable Character (Female) is played by Amelia Gething.
  • Professor Matilda Weasley is played by Lesley Nicol.
  • Professor Onai is played by Kandace Caine.
  • Professor Satyavati Shah is played by Sohm Kapila.
  • Everett Clopton is played by Luke Youngblood.
  • Mahendra Pehlwaan is played by Asif Ali.
  • Nearly Headless Nick and the Sorting Hat is played by Jason Anthony.

Long-time Harry Potter fans may recognize Luke Youngblood as the actor who played Lee Jordan in the movies.

Hogwarts Legacy launches on February 10 (for everything but the delayed PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions), so players don’t have to wait long to hear Simon Pegg and his fellow cast members in-game.

For those on PC who own a new Nvidia graphics card, Hogwarts Legacy will support DLSS 3.

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