Fortnite Unreal Editor Leak Angers Players

Fortnite Unreal Editor Leak Angers Console and Mobile Players

A Fortnite Unreal Editor leak angers console and mobile players after it suggested they would no longer be able to build on maps alongside those using the editor. Otherwise known as Creative 2.0 or UEFN, the mode is expected to be released this year and will offer more tools to those who design their own Fortnite experiences.

Why can’t console and mobile players build on Unreal Editor Fortnite maps?

When PC players first open the new Unreal Editor, they will be given the option to download and convert their current islands to a UEFN island. Once this is done, those islands “will become exclusively editable in Unreal Engine Fortnite” according to the leak from GMatrixGames on Twitter.

While Epic Games is yet to confirm the meaning of this message, it seems to imply that console and mobile players will no longer be able to edit a map alongside someone in Unreal Editor. This goes against the showcase footage from two years ago that showed all three types of players building a map together. As such, the Unreal Editor leak angers Fortnite players who feel like Epic isn’t giving them what was promised.

Unreal Editor Fortnite is due to be released at some point this month, although Epic seems to be leaving it late to announce a proper date. It wouldn’t surprise many if the mode ended up being delayed even further.

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