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What Is Logan Paul and Andrew Tate’s ‘The Matrix’?

Logan Paul took to his Twitter account with a cryptic message yesterday (January 10), claiming that “the matrix is real” and warning his followers to “pray you never become its target.” It isn’t the first time the idea of “The Matrix” has been used by an influencer or public figure, as both Elon Musk and Andrew Tate have also tweeted about its existence in the past. But what is “The Matrix” that they refer to?

What is “The Matrix” that Andrew Tate and Logan Paul talk about?

“The Matrix” is a result of “slave programming” used against the human psyche, according to Tate. Speaking in an interview with Rob Moore, he claims “the people that are in charge of the world… want to make sure everybody complies and listens to them.”

Of course, Tate can’t name those who he believes are controlling the mass global population, as he believes he would be punished: “Even if I knew all their names, I wouldn’t say it here… because they’ve already given me quite a few warnings, and I’m now at the point where I actually truly believe they’re going to try and kill me.”

“I think that absolute slavery and tyranny is coming to the entire world,” Tate adds. “I think our children’s children will live as slaves.” He goes on to describe the direction that the Western world is going in as “truly evil,” and it would appear that Logan Paul now also agrees with some of that sentiment. Strangely, Tate responded by accusing Paul of being “an Agent,” and said that he “will pay the price.”

Paul’s message comes a few days after unconfirmed reports that either Tate or his brother Tristan were taken to hospital from a Romanian detention facility, after being arrested in connection with an investigation into alleged human trafficking, rape, and organized crime. Tate failed in a recent appeal to be freed from custody, after his arrest period was extended by 30 days. Both he and his brother Tristan deny all accusations against them.

Claims that “the matrix is real” from Paul come after controversy surrounding his CryptoZoo project, and accusations of scamming. Cryptocurrency scam investigator Coffeezilla launched a three-part video series about the game, and claimed Paul had scammed investors by selling them “worthless” digital items.

Earlier this week, Paul was also accused of abandoning a pet pig called Pearl, who was rescued by the Gentle Barn sanctuary in California. They said that the animal had “clearly been through so much trauma” and was “lucky to be alive” after diagnosing her with a uterus infection, which has since healed. Paul thanked The Gentle Barn for looking after the pig, but denied he had abandoned her. This negative press seems to, at least in part, be the reason for Paul’s comments about being targeted by “the matrix.”

This isn’t the first time the idea that we are living in “The Matrix” has been floated. British conspiracy theorist David Icke released a series called Escape the Matrix back in 2020, which claimed he “unravels the nature of the reality that we have been taught to believe is truth, through a lifetime of deep programming.”

At the end of December, Twitter owner Elon Musk also took to the platform to post a mysterious message of his own about the supposed “Matrix” these influencers claim we are all a part of. It suggested that in order to “escape the Matrix,” you must “rebuild your entire belief system based on critical thought and analysis.”

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