Modern Warfare 2 Shipment 24/7
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Modern Warfare 2 Shipment 24/7 Removed: Is the MW2 Shipment Playlist Coming Back?

Modern Warfare 2 dev Infinity Ward recently removed the Shipment 24/7 playlist on January 11, and players are massively disappointed to see the removal of the fan-favorite from the original Modern Warfare. The Shipment 24/7 playlist was an excellent way for players to jump in and quickly grind camos due to the fast and chaotic games offering higher kill counts but it has since been replaced by Shoot House 24/7 instead. So where did it go, and is it coming back?

A post expressing players’ frustration over Shipment 24/7’s removal from user pubgisDEAD on the MW2 subreddit has ggained a lot of traction, with many players chiming in and feeling the same.

Modern Warfare 2: Is Shipment 24/7 coming back and where did it go?

Currently, there’s no confirmation that the Shipment 24/7 playlist will be coming back and Infinity Ward has yet to go on record with a reason for Shipment’s removal.

It’s worth noting that Shipment is still in Modern Warfare 2 and available to players (albeit only randomly) via entering Quick Play. Some players have replied on Reddit, hoping for Shipment to return to regular playlisting in the form of Shoot the Ship, which would hit a happy medium for fans of both maps.

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