One Piece Odyssey Fast Travel

One Piece Odyssey Fast Travel: How to Unlock Yoisa Taxi Signs

The One Piece Odyssey fast travel system is frustrating at first, because you’re locked out of it at the beginning of the game. You’ll see Yoisa taxi signs all around the island of Waford in the first chapter (perhaps you’ve seen one in the demo), but the One Piece Odyssey gameplay system prevents you from using them until you’ve gotten far enough into the story. Walking from one place to another takes quite a long time, especially if you need to backtrack, so here’s when the fast travel system finally unlocks.

How to unlock One Piece Odyssey fast travel

One Piece Odyssey Fast Travel

The One Piece Odyssey fast travel system unlocks in the middle of Chapter 2 after the story has you head to an oasis at the top of the Great Sandy Desert map.

Before you can walk over the bridge to the oasis, a Yoisa will interrupt your progress. Only after dealing with the monkey will you be able to use the Yoisa signs for fast traveling (as the screenshot above shows) across all of Waford and Memoria. From there, all you need to do to activate fast travel is to open the map and select the Yoisa Travel option.

A quick tip: Before unlocking fast travel, you can give yourself a head start by still going to a locked Yoisa sign and interacting with it. That is, if you see any signs in Waford or in Alabasta kingdom, head up to it and try using it even if it doesn’t work. The gameplay system will mark that you’ve tagged the Yoisa signs beforehand and add them to the list of fast travel locations after you’ve unlocked the system. Now, isn’t that convenient?

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