Fortnite Hurdling Removed

Fortnite Hurdling Removed: Why Was It Disabled and When Is It Coming Back?

Epic Games has removed the Fortnite Hurdling mechanic for the second time following many reports of a glitch that could send players shooting into the sky. Hurdling is reportedly being fixed again, so here’s everything we know about the issue and when we’re likely to see the feature make its return.

Why was Hurdling removed from Fortnite?

Hurdling was originally disabled in Battle Royale back in December 2022 when players reported being thrown far into the sky when they tried to use it. Those who were lucky enough to possess the Shockwave Hammer, or be able to activate the Glider or Party Time augments, were able to survive the fall. Many did not.

Hurdling was reintroduced to the game on January 10, 2023, as part of update 3.76. Just three days later, the mechanic has been removed again due to the same bug. Players can still Mantle over taller obstacles as this doesn’t trigger the bug.

When will Hurdling return to Fortnite?

Epic Games has promised that fixes for the Hurdling bug are “coming soon” and they will provide an update when the issue has finally been solved. Hopefully, that is within a few days. However, the mechanic was disabled for a period of three weeks the last time so we could be waiting a little while.

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