Will Rick and Morty Season 7 be canceled or delayed

Rick and Morty Season 7 Canceled or Delayed: Will We See a Release Date in 2023?

Rick and Morty Season 7 hasn’t been canceled or delayed. Instead, fans have speculated about the next season’s fate due to series co-creator Justin Roiland’s highly publicized domestic violence charges, and Adult Swim hasn’t made a statement concerning the allegations. However, looking at the situation realistically, there’s very little chance that these events will affect the show.

Will Rick and Morty be canceled?

Rick and Morty Season 7 won’t be canceled (barring new developments). Cartoon Network signed a long-term, 70-episode agreement after the third season. This means there’ll be at least ten seasons if the show keeps to its ten episodes per season pace. There’s likely a severance clause in the agreement, but we assume that the contract is extremely favorable to Roiland and fellow co-creator Dan Harmon, given the show’s massive success.

Also, looking at the situation from a pragmatic point of view, Rick and Morty is a billion-dollar IP. The premiere of season six was the number two most-viewed non-sports program for ages 18-49. It’s unquestionably Cartoon Network’s most profitable property, and there’s no way Williams Street and Warner Bros. are going to give it up.

It’s not likely Roiland is going anywhere, either. He’s inextricable from Rick and Morty. He writes it, voices Rick, Morty, and many other characters, and is generally the face for the show. Also, the charges stem from 2020, and it’s likely he would have been fired before now if Cartoon Network had any plans to do so.

The exception to the above would be if the news breaking about his domestic violence charges brings out more accusations against Roiland. Nothing major has broke yet, but rumors about inappropriate conduct have made the rounds for years.

Will Rick and Morty Season 7 release date be delayed out of 2023?

It’s improbable Rick and Morty Season 7 will be delayed. It’s tentatively slated for 2023, and Roiland’s charges coming to light isn’t going to change anything. It’s been three years since he was arrested, and the case continues to plod along in pre-trial. Additionally, this is Roiland’s first felony charge, and he’s rich. So, he’ll likely plead it down to a lesser charge or get it deferred entirely.

However, if the Roiland story balloons, as we mentioned above, we could see a delay instead of a cancellation, depending on the severity of new accusations. But, again, Rick and Morty is a cash cow for Cartoon Network, and the network is still playing the show regularly, so don’t expect much of a reaction from Warner Bros. about the situation.

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