Gundam Witch From Mercury Season 2 Release Date Second Cour

Gundam: Witch From Mercury Season 2 Release Date: Why Isn’t There a Second Cour?

The Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Season 2 release date is April 2023. The next batch of episodes will release as part of the Spring 2023 anime season. Confusingly, this release wasn’t a separate season initially. Instead, it was supposed to be a second cour of 12 episodes. However, the official Twitter revealed it was getting upgraded to a full season last week.

Gundam: Witch From Mercury Season 2 release date

The Gundam: Witch From Mercury season 2 release date will fall sometime in April 2023. The show will fall in the Spring 2023 anime seasons and run for 12 episodes. However, we may see several delays if the first season tells us anything. So, hold onto your hat and prepare for a recap episode.

Oddly, Gundam: Witch From Mercury was originally supposed to get a second cour instead of a new season. There would have been the same amount of episodes, but they would all be considered part of the first season. There’s no explanation behind why Sunrise decided to change the organization of the show, but it might be because cours are confusing to many people outside Japan.

There’s no word yet whether the show will conclude with its second season or if we’ll get a third one or a sequel series. It’s all up in the air when we’re doing with a Gundam series.

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