Warzone 2 Birdseye Perk
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Warzone 2 Birdseye Nerf: Is the Perk Broken and Need Patching?

Warzone 2‘s ultimate recon perk, Birdseye has taken the player base by storm recently with many opting to make use of its seemingly broken and overpowered benefits. The perk has already received a lot of negative critiques, with some asking for it to be nerfed before it takes over the meta entirely.

Developers Raven Software announced and released a hotfix last week in order to improve bugs that players were finding with ultimate perks like High Alert, but the current strength of Birdseye right now remains a concern for players, as it’s unclear whether it was included in this round of fixes.

Warzone 2: Will Birdseye be nerfed?

Birdseye can be acquired by selecting the Recon Package and allows players to see both the positions of enemies and whatever direction they happen to be facing on the minimap during a Radar/UAV ping.

The main issue for players right now is that whenever anyone in the lobby triggers a UAV, every other player with Birdseye equipped sees a few enemy pings of their own, for free, including the direction.

Whether this is the perk working as truly intended or not is yet to be seen, as players often adapt their in-game builds to take advantage of any broken or overpowered perks first before reaping the established meta changes. As such, there has yet to be an official statement regarding whether or not it will be nerfed in the future.

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