Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have Its Own Nintendo Direct This Week

NeoGAF has discovered a Japanese website displaying a large banner image, provided above, with a date and time for a new Nintendo Direct presentation showcasing Xenoblade Chronicles X set for February 6th.

Poster L~A shares a YouTube link and a NicoNico link, though gamers should know that the presentation is likely to take place in Japanese and in that way, we’ll have to bring you translated information as it’s available.

The presentation is set to air at 8AM Eastern, 5AM Pacific with a Japanese air time of 10PM. This time is of particular note because of the game’s nature and what Nintendo may or may not be showing. You don’t really see as much of the action in great detail as you do with a Direct-style video compared to a three minute trailer.

Is Xenoblade Chronicles X aiming for an M-rating? I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo were capable of lining it alongside the likes of Bayonetta 2 (which I rather enjoyed). For more, click the game title above or below and click here for our Nintendo tag page.


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