Fans Say Street Fighter V Moves Too Slow, Judge For Yourself With New Video

Gamers got a look at Street Fighter V in an event surrounding Capcom fighting games in San Francisco, but another showcase for the title featuring the first playable characters, Ryu and Chun Li, has fans claiming Street Fighter V will have to have a Turbo version developed at some point.

Daigo Umehara and GamerBee took the controls on-stage and fans wasted no time in calling the game "really slow paced", "EXTRA slow" and "way too early in development" for demonstrations, "so slow you cant even do combos", and "for 4 year olds."

Comments were collected by Kotaku, who also shared the original video, though not all fighting games focus on speed and in that way we wonder whether or not this signals a shift in mechanical basis for the franchise.

For one, it seems as though actual attacks execute as you'd expect, but some special moves seem a little easy to spam. That's been a hallmark of a character like Ryu, but even Chun Li has energy blasts with fast repetition. With the stages altered by player-input, could there be more strategy to spacing games Street Fighter fanatics have become skilled at and even known for?

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