Video Game Retailers Are The Best Enforcers of Ratings

An undercover shopper survey by the Federal Trade Commission found that video game retailers are the best at preventing "unaccompanied children under age 17 from entertainment intended for mature audiences". Out of the all the unaccompanied 13- to 16-year-olds the FTC recruited:

– 64% were able to purchase CDs with the Parental Advisory Label

– 33% were able to purchase a ticket for an R-rated movie

– 38% were able to purchase R-rated DVDs

– 47% were able to purchase unrated DVDs

– 13% were able to purchase M-rated video games

The numbers on the provided graph are admittedly blurry, but what they clearly show is that the video game industry has clearly had the most dramatic improvement since 2000 when compared the other medias in the study. The FTC study also provides the best places to shop if you're an underaged kid that enforce the rules:



[Image Credit: Federal Trade Commission]

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