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League of Legends Players Send Riot Games Dev ‘Death Threats’ on Unborn Child

A League of Legends developer has revealed how players have sent her death threats and threats on her unborn baby over the recently released ‘Brink of Infinity’ cinematic.

Riot’s Influencer Manager Mel Capperino-Garcia, known as Riotswimbananas in the game’s community, opened up on Twitter about the influx of hateful messages she says she has received since the cinematic went live, calling the response “too much.”

Riotswimbananas reveals LoL players’ hateful messages

Capperino-Garcia posted a thread on Twitter revealing what she had been dealing with since the cinematic went live, saying that she had received “dm’s with death threats/hopes that I miscarry my baby over a LoL cinematic and the LCS time.”

League of Legends players recently flooded Riot Games with complaints over the game’s Season 2023 cinematic, ‘The Brink of Infinity,’ which many felt fell below the high standards set by the company’s previous animated trailers.

The cinematic can be viewed below:

Riot apologized for the trailer, saying that “unprecedented circumstances” made the studio take an “alternate approach” to the video and that it had “missed the mark.” However, judging by Capperino-Garcia’s Twitter thread, it seems that some LoL players are continuing to vent their frustrations in heinous ways.

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