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Andrew Tate Shares Mysterious ‘Death’ Tweet After Reported Hospital Visit

Andrew Tate has taken to his Twitter account today (January 13, 2023) to reshare a tweet he sent out on Christmas Eve about “death.” This comes after his arrest in Romania, and a reported hospital visit, as well as predictions he made last year about “Agents” of “the Matrix” someday attempting to kill him.

Andrew Tate shares “death” tweet from prison in Romania

“Death smiles at us all,” says a recent tweet from Andrew Tate. “All a man can do is smile back.” The message was initially sent out at the end of 2022, but Tate has now mysteriously retweeted it onto his Twitter timeline, leading some fans to believe that his life could be in danger.

Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested by Romanian authorities in connection with an investigation into alleged human trafficking, rape, and organized crime. He took to his Twitter account at the time, making claims that “Agents” had been sent by “the Matrix,” which is something he has alluded to in interviews of the past.

He has also previously spoken about his belief that he would be put in prison before an attempt would be made to kill him, if he didn’t stop talking about these supposed mysterious figures in control of the world.

Recent reports suggested that Tate had been taken to hospital, but it appears that he is now back at the Romanian detention facility after being discharged. Some rumors claimed that he had been through a cancer scare, though those are unconfirmed.

It seems that Tate still has access to his social media despite being under arrest, and he continues to push that he is under attack by “the Matrix,” retweeting one message of support that says he is their target “not only because he’s positively influencing young men, but young women too.”

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