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Image: YouTube / The Tech Giant

The Tech Giant Exposes Wife’s Alleged Affair on YouTube

YouTube technology expert The Tech Giant uploaded a video to his channel two weeks ago (December 26, 2022), making claims that his wife was having an affair. Once dubbed Mrs. Tech Giant, she has in the past been a very big part of many of his videos, which seems to have led the YouTuber to sharing this part of his private life in such a public way.

YouTuber The Tech Giant claims wife has had an affair and is engaged to another man

After 22 years of marriage, The Tech Giant has revealed that his wife has left him for another man, following an alleged affair. He claims that she said she had only known the third party for two weeks, but that she had now “gone off with him” and was “flaunting her status.”

The YouTuber also said that the two had gotten engaged over the Christmas holidays in a follow-up video two days ago (January 10, 2023), which included messages written over the video poking fun at the situation, such as suggesting that his ex’s “new addiction is having affairs,” and that she spent time “swiping right” on dating apps while they were traveling.

Speaking to a fan in the comments of his video, he said: “To be honest I really didn’t want to do it, but I felt my hand was being forced as she is trying so hard for everyone to know about it, and I don’t want to look a fool. I’d rather jump before I’m pushed.” His social media activity suggests that the former Mrs Tech Giant walked out on the family, but he did clarify on his vacation video that “Mrs TG wanted people to know, that she has started to pop in, see the kids and help out a bit with things I’ve been struggling with.”

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