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Andrew Tate Breaks Silence on Human Trafficking Accusations: “Evidence Doesn’t Exist”

Andrew Tate has taken to Twitter to break his silence over claims he has been involved in human trafficking.

Tate sent out a tweet yesterday (January 15, 2023) proclaiming his innocence, and says that the Romanian authorities will not find any evidence for the alleged crime, as it “doesn’t exist.” It comes after both he and his brother were arrested on December 29, 2022, and a failed appeal to be released from the detention center at which Tate is being held.

Andrew Tate rejects human trafficking accusations in new tweet response

Andrew Tate posted on Twitter this weekend to say that anybody who thinks he is a human trafficker should “go and take their 10th vaccine,” and claimed that the authorities in Romania who have arrested both him and his brother Tristan on those suspicions have “0 victims, 0 proof.”

The tweet also sees him allege that he was detained so that the investigators could “look for evidence,” but insisted that it won’t be found “because it doesn’t exist.”

Tate’s claims are in contrast to what investigators have previously stated. They said that six women have been identified as potential victims, however, two of the women involved in the case have now gone public, denying that they have been mistreated by the brothers.

Both had tattoos supporting Tate, one reading “Property of Tate,” and the other saying “Tate Girl,” and worked in the Bucharest compound where the brothers lived, along with the models who worked in their adult entertainment business.

Andrew and Tristan Tate were both arrested in Romania by authorities investigating alleged human trafficking, rape, and organized crime. The police in Romania now have less than two weeks to bring charges against the Tate brothers. They may also find enough evidence to convince a judge to extend their detention so that the investigation into their alleged criminality can continue.

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