Rode Podmic Review

Rode PodMic Review

The Rode PodMic is a $99 XLR microphone designed for podcasters, livestreamers, and other speech or vocal applications. Squeezing under that $100 price point is a big move for Rode, as it can now be classed as a more budget XLR offering. For those looking to upgrade from USB, or dive right into the world of audio with XLR, the PodMic could be a great entry point. Here’s how it held up in my testing.

Going all-in on sound

Rode Podmic Review

Rode’s no-frills approach to the PodMic is made immediately obvious with the unboxing experience. While the packaging is nice, there isn’t much inside. Just a quickstart guide and the PodMic itself lies waiting for the user. For those used to USB mics, which often include a little stand and/or shock mount in the box, this may come as a bit of a shock, but for buyers of other XLR mics, you’ll be used to providing your own cables, boom arm, and audio interface.

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The PodMic looks more retro than it does modern, though perhaps “timeless” is the best way to describe it. It’s a safe aesthetic that looks good in 2022 and should still look good in 2032 and beyond. That’s good news, as though this mic is only $99, it’s solidly built and feels as though it will last the test of time.

Integrated features

Earlier I said about there being no included shock mount, but that’s not entirely accurate, as the PodMic features a built-in shock mount, pop filter, and is attached to an integrated swing mount. The only required extras are a cable, something to mount the mic to, and an audio interface.

Hear me

So it looks and feels good, but how does it sound? As with all microphones, the proof is in the sound quality. As you can hopefully hear in the video embedded above, the Rode PodMic sounds great, despite my cold.

As a dynamic mic, the PodMic is able to reject unwanted background sounds a lot more effectively than its condenser competition. It’s also locked in at a cardioid pickup pattern, which will be the go-to choice for single-person recordings.

When it comes to gain, I found that 55 dB was best for getting a good bit of volume for live presentations. Of course, those boosting in post can drop things down a little.

PodMic review sample was provided by Rode.

Final Verdict

At $99, the Rode PodMic is a well-priced entry point into the world of XLR dynamic microphones. In the sub-$100 range, I think it tops the table and should be considered by anyone looking to step up their audio game with XLR and the benefits that come with audio interfaces, mixers, and whatnot. It also feels like it will last a long time, meaning that $99 investment could span many years.

Positives and Negatives

  • Great sound that responds well to post processing.
  • Timeless look.
  • Fantastic build quality.
  • Internal pop filter.
  • Lastluster unboxing experience.
  • Integrated shock mount isn't very effective.


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