Fnatic MiniStreak Silent Edition Review

Fnatic MiniStreak Silent Edition Review

The Fnatic MiniStreak is a keyboard that has flown under my radar for too long. After reviewing and loving the 10/10 Streak65 LP, which is one of my go-to gaming keyboard recommendations, I decided to check out the larger, yet still “Mini,” MiniStreak. My review sample is the Silent Edition, which comes equipped with Cherry MX Silent Red switches.

Life’s a switch

Fnatic MiniStreak Silent Edition Review

Despite testing many mechanical keyboards, I had yet to encounter the Cherry MX Silent Red keyswitches. I’m pleased to say that they are the best I’ve used for gaming. I’ve always liked linear Red switches for quick inputs, as tactile can become quite fatiguing over longer gaming sessions. The low noise produced by the Silent Reds will be welcome to those who do a lot of late-night gaming and/or want to avoid party chat complaints about people hearing key presses.

TKL is a win

Fnatic MiniStreak Silent Edition Review

The Speed and Silent versions of the Fnatic MiniStreak are both tenkeyless, meaning they forgo the number pad. This allows for more room to swing a mouse, while also making the keyboard more portable. However, TKL doesn’t go so far as to chop the F Row, which the Streak65 does. It’s a nice middle-ground and TKL is what I’d recommend for the majority of gamers who also dabble in general computer use.

Old habits die hard

Fnatic MiniStreak Silent Edition Review

At the time of writing in December 2022, the MiniStreak is now over two years old. This could explain some of the obvious shortcomings, like ABS keycaps, which have since been improved on newer Fnatic keyboards. With that said, the MiniStreak is still a great contender at its sub-$100 price point. What’s more, the price regularly drops down to $74.49 over on Amazon.

Still plenty to like

Fnatic MiniStreak Silent Edition Review

In addition to the Cherry MX switches and TKL form factor, another highlight of the MiniStreak Silent Edition is good RGB illumination, which is configurable, along with other settings, in Fnatic’s OP Software. The app is simple yet effective, with a clear layout and settings made easy enough to find.

The build quality is also worth noting. The MiniStreak has an aluminum metal build, which makes me feel confident about throwing it inside my backpack, which the highly portable TKL form factor encourages.

Final Verdict

In a world where hotswappable switches have become the norm and most mainstream brands are learning that PBT keycaps are the way to go, not all of the MiniStreak’s features have aged well. Despite this, it’s still a solid keyboard for gaming, especially for those looking for a board from a mainstream brand that has authentic Cherry MX Silent Reds.

Positives and Negatives

  • Cherry MX Silent Red switches are great.
  • TKL will be the best size for most.
  • Great build quality.
  • Simple and inoffensive software.
  • Works great for both gaming and general use.
  • ABS keycaps.
  • Not hotswappable.
  • Value is there when it's discounted, but $99 is rough compared to the modern competition.


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