Roccat Vulcan II Mini Review

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Review

The Roccat Vulcan II Mini combines my favorite keyboard form factor for gaming, 65%, with super-fast TITAN II switches, a floating keycap design backed by plenty of RGB, and a generous amount of customization within the optional SWARM app. While the Max disappointed a little in its review, the Mini has the potential to save the day.

The essentials

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Review

Like I saw with the Max, the Vulcan II Mini box includes only the essentials. There’s the keyboard itself, a USB-C to USB-A cable, and a quick start guide. This time around, however, the cable is detachable, meaning users can swap it out with ease.

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RGB where it matters

Where the Max excels in the RGB department, the Mini is less ostentatious. There’s no translucent wrist rest here, though the lighting beneath the keycaps is still bright and impressive.

65% wins

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Review

No, the Mini has other tricks up its sleeves, one of which is in plain sight. The 65% size is a common favorite among PC gamers, as it provides the perfect amount of functionality with dedicated arrow keys, while the absence of a number pad provides more room to swing a mouse.

65% is arguably the optimal size for gaming and it’s good that mainstream brands like Roccat are paying attention to what’s trending.

Same ABS, different keyboard

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Review

Unfortunately, one trending feature that Roccat has still failed to adopt is PBT keycaps. Just like the Max, the Vulcan II Mini uses ABS keycaps, which develop shine a lot more quickly. It might look nice for the first month or so, but soon the keyboard will have a layer of shine that looks pretty grim.

The good news is that these keycaps can swapped out with third-party solutions, though at additional cost to the consumer.

Thankfully, the TITAN II switches help make up for the disappointing keycaps. They are fast optical switches that are superb for gaming. They go well with the stabilizers, which on my sample are well-lubed with very little rattle.

Vulcan II Mini review sample was provided by Roccat.

Final Verdict

Coming in at $149.99, the Roccat Vulcan II Mini is easier to recommend than the $229.99 Max. It’s still a little pricey, but for those looking for a solid mainstream gaming keyboard, with extremely quick optical switches and a stylish aesthetic, this board is well worth considering. Not only is it great for gaming, but I found it fun to use for typing, too. I just really wish those ABS keycaps would be swapped out for PBT. Maybe in the Vulcan III?

Positives and Negatives

  • 65% is the best size for most gamers.
  • TITAN II switch feel and perform great.
  • Stabilizers have been tuned well.
  • Solid RGB and customization through the SWARM app.
  • Detachable USB-C cable.
  • Price is relatively high.
  • ABS keycaps.


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