Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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A port of Symphony of the Night was included as unlockable bonus content in Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for the PlayStation Portable. Except for the Japanese release, the English translation features a new script and newly recorded voice acting, with the option to use the original Japanese voices. The PSP release is a port of the PlayStation version, but contains some additions and changes. Maria Renard is a playable character and a boss in this version, sporting a new moveset modeled after her abilities in Rondo of Blood. Like the Xbox 360 version, “I Am the Wind” was replaced with “Mournful Serenade”, a new piece composed by Michiru Yamane, as the closing theme. An English-recorded version of the song “Nocturne” was added along with several familiars, both of which had been removed in previous international releases of the game. This version of the game would later be released in the Castlevania Requiem compilation and as a basis for the Android and iOS port of the game.

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