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Samba de Amigo, another of Sega’s wacky music/rhythm games, is getting

set to explode onto the Dreamcast scene. With its bizarre new maracas controllers

and crazy cast of characters, Samba looks to be one of the most comical

titles that Sega will release this year.

Developed by the world famous Sonic Team and headed up by Japanese game guru

Yuji Naka, Samba attempts to bring some Latin flavor to your Dreamcast,

straight from uh… Japan. Songs also include pop hits such as Take On Me,

Tubthumping, and that damn Macarena song.

Basically, the point of the game is to shake your maracas (which come packaged

with the game) to the funky game beats at the correct time. Little blue bubbles

tell you which direction to shake your groove thing, making Samba very

easy to pick up. Certain parts of the songs also have “posing” periods, in which

players stop shaking their maracas and strike a given pose. Vogue!

Samba de Amigo features five different modes of game play and a few

mini-games to keep you entertained. There’s also a two player battle mode where

you can bomb your opponent with your madcap maraca madness.

It may sound weird, but we can tell you firsthand that it’s absolutely hilarious

and is shaping up to be a great party game. You should see the GR editors play

this after a few beers…er…cervejas.

Probably the wackiest rhythm game that has ever come to light (yes, even more

wacky than Parappa), Samba de Amigo promises to give players a chance

to experience games in new, exciting, and totally outrageous ways.

Ai Caramba! Samba de Amigo is due out in August for the Dreamcast.

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