Netflix Washed Out HDR

How To Fix Netflix Washed Out HDR on TV

To fix Netflix washed out HDR on TVs, users simply need to select a non-HDR show. This should force the TV to switch back over to non-HDR and show colors correctly again. A more permanent fix is to disable HDR support entirely on the Amazon Fire TV Stick or other HDMI device that you are using.

How to reset HDR settings to stop Netflix colors from being washed out

To reset HDR settings on an Amazon Fire TV Stick or other HDMI device, users should:

  • Go into the device’s settings.
  • Find the “Display” options.
  • Select “HDR.”
  • Toggle it from “Always On” or “Automatic” to “Off.”
  • If “Off” isn’t available or the device is already on “Automatic,” try switching from “Automatic” to “Always On” and then back again to “Automatic.”

For one reason or another, the HDMI device isn’t being told to switch back from HDR content when backing out to the Netflix menu. This makes the Netflix menu system appear washed out, because the device is locked into HDR mode despite not having the appropriate expanded color information.

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