TikTok Chicken joke because meme

TikTok Chicken Joke Because: What is the Why Are Chickens so Funny Meme?

The TikTok chicken joke where a kid says “because” as the answer to “Why are chickens so funny” has gone viral. The adorable but simple joke has taken social media by storm. However, there’s a bit of controversy surrounding it that makes this innocent chicken joke a little more sinister than you’d think.

What is the “Why are chickens so funny joke” on TikTok?

A video recently went viral on TikTok featuring a toddler holding a chicken. In it, a woman says, “Alright, tell your joke,” and he replies, “Why are chickens so funny?” She responds, “why,” and he says, “because,” while imitating a chicken.

The video from user yeahthegrays, which has garnered 89.3 million plays, 14.4 million likes, and a million shares since it was posted on January 5, insinuates that the toddler holding the chicken is making the joke. The captions indicate that’s the case, and many of the 104,700 commenters thought the same thing.

However, the audio (and the joke) come from a different video and kid. It’s hard to believe that’s the case when the kid’s mouth doesn’t move during the clip, but people tend to be trusting. The chicken joke and audio was originally posted on TikTok on October 5, 2022, by Tr1nax.

The video, which has only a fraction of the engagement as the one from yeahthegrays, shows a little girl sitting and making the joke. Many commenters on both videos were upset that yeahthegrays didn’t clarify the original source of the joke and audio. However, that’s not stopped the views, which continue to rocket upward.

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