Android 14 release date upside down cake

Android 14 Release Date: When is Upside Down Cake Coming Out?

The Android 14 release date will be sometime between August and October 2023. Every version of Android has been released in this window since 2015, and there’s no indicator that’ll change. So, we can assume that Upside Down Cake will be available on Pixel devices (at the very least) during Q3 2023.

When is Android 14 coming out?

Android 14 will release sometime in Q3 2023. Barring any major changes to Google’s development strategy, Android Upside Down Cake should launch sometime in August-October. However, that doesn’t mean that’s when it’s coming to your device.

Google Pixel devices will get Android 14 updates as soon as the new version of the OS launches. However, if you’re using a phone from a third-party manufacturer, you may be waiting a while.

Unfortunately, the release date for Android 14 is different for each device. This is because each company takes Google’s stock Android and tweaks it to its specifications. For example, that’s how you get Samsung’s One UI or OnePlus’s OxygenOS.

Of course, when Android 14 launches, it won’t be known as “Android Upside Down Cake.” Google discontinued using dessert names to refer to its phone OS with the release of Android 10 in 2019. So, even though that’s the internal codename, you won’t see it as part of official marketing.

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