Steam Deck Games List

Steam Deck Games List Surpasses 5,000, All Verified or Playable

Valve is celebrating an important milestone with the Steam Deck games list now reaching over 5,000 compatible titles, either verified or playable. This stat was reached earlier today for anyone pouring through records on SteamDB, but the official Twitter account for the Steam Deck has confirmed this impressive number. More than that, this figure doesn’t even include all of the “unsupported” games that work great on the PC handheld system.

The official Steam Deck games count so far

Of course, Valve still has long road ahead, going through the catalog of more than 100 thousand games available on Steam (counting only those for Windows) and testing them for compatibility for the Steam Deck. But 5,000 games is nothing to scoff at, and given that the console launched on February 25 this year, we might see close to 10,000 games by its first-year anniversary. Currently, based on search results on SteamDB, there are 2,870 playable and 2,135 verified games for the console, bringing the total count to 5,005.

In the past week, Valve has released a Steam Deck Booklet to introduce the console to new markets across Asia that expands on the platform’s future. As found by GamingOnLinux, the last info page states the following: “In the future, Valve will follow up on this product with improvements and iterations to hardware and software, bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market.” The Steam Deck is planned to be “a multi-general product line,” with Valve supporting the console and SteamOS “well into the foreseeable future.” This means the Steam Deck 2 is already in the company’s plans, though no official announcement has been made so far.

Beyond that, Valve will continue to get feedback from the Steam Deck community, considering it for future iterations of the handheld. It hopes that new versions will be “even more open,” which is surprising given how open the platform already is.

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