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Steam Deck Production Increases Again But Canada Hit With Snag

Valve has announced they’ve once again increased the production of their Steam Deck devices and this is allowing them to get through reservations quicker than expected with just a single exception: Canada. Unfortunately for Canada, an issue with the region’s distributor has meant Valve is temporarily halting order emails there for now.

What is the Steam Deck production problem in Canada?

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Valve stated their Steam Deck distributor in Canada has “hit a processing backlog” for orders to that region. To allow the distributor to catch up and get through their backlog of paid orders, Valve has implemented “a (very) temporary pause on order emails” in Canada. They are “optimistic” emails can be resumed to Canada soon. For now, those in the region who have paid for their device may have to wait a bit longer but will not have to worry about not getting their Steam Deck — it will arrive eventually. Those still waiting for their payment email will unfortunately continue to be waiting until the pause ends.

In the meantime, emails to all other regions are unaffected. In fact, Valve has been managing to get through Steam deck reservations at a much quicker pace than they had originally anticipated thanks to an increase in production. As such, they were able to send emails to all Q3 reservations by September 19 and have already made a start on the Q4 (October to December 2022) window. Valve is adamant that all of the Q4 reservations will be met by the end of 2022 and the store page has also been updated to reflect the new window.

In other news, the Xbox Free Play Days for the weekend ending September 25 are headlined by Dead Island Definitive Edition. Elsewhere, STALKER 2 developer GSC Game World denies the “absurd” rumors that the game has been further delayed until 2024/25 and is in a state of “permanent repair”.

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