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National Treasure Edge of History Rotten Tomatoes Scores Lower Than Movie

The initial National Treasure: Edge of History Rotten Tomatoes score for the anticipated Disney Plus show is in. The first National Treasure Disney Plus reviews have started rolling out and the comments aren’t great. In fact, it’s lower than the original National Treasure movie Rotten Tomatoes score, but a little better than the sequel.

Early National Treasure Edge of History Rotten Tomatoes score rolls in

As of the time of writing, the Rotten Tomatoes score for the National Treasure: Edge of History TV series stands at 44%. It was 50% before this article was published.

The first reviews for National Treasure: Edge of History on Disney Plus have started appearing, and they’re not positive. Rotten Tomatoes is collecting those reviews and the critics aren’t impressed by the series. Collider, for example, calls it similar to the “direct-to-video sequels Disney produced in the ‘90s and early 2000s” rather than a genuine attempt to honor the original films. The most common criticisms suggest the show is confused about what it wants to be, the dialogue is a mess, or that it just isn’t as good as the movies.

This is interesting, because critics also hated both National Treasure movies. The original National Treasure from 2004 starring Nicholas Cage has a critical score of 46%, barely higher than Edge of History. 2007 sequel Book of Secrets is even worse, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 36%. Audiences rated the movies much higher, however, with scores of 76% and 67% respectively. Time will tell if Edge of History repeats this trend, but as of the time of writing the audience score stands at 40%.

National Treasure: Edge of History is not the only streaming show to run afoul of critics and Rotten Tomatoes scores this Winter. Fellow Disney Plus show Willow did really well with critics but beat the popular Netflix show Wednesday. All three shows are similarly TV reboots of a much-loved older property.

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