pokimane ai vtubers twitch streaming
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Pokimane Predicts ‘Scary’ AI VTubers are the Future of Twitch

Twitch streamer Pokimane thinks that AI VTubers could launch a takeover in the streaming space. Worried about the “scary” future, the 26-year-old gave her theories as to what could happen in the coming months and years when it comes to artificial intelligence in a recent stream.

VTubers could evolve into AI streamers says Pokimane

pokimane ai vtubers twitch streaming
Image: Pokimane on Twitch

Speaking to her Twitch subscribers, Pokimane asked: “What if someday we have streamers that evolve from chat GPT?” She explained that this was “like if you could talk to Google,” adding that “it’s kind of freaky [and] scary to be honest but it had me think, you can basically have a conversation with this thing.”

Pokimane pointed to the current VTubers that stream and said that “someday they could probably make a VTuber model and then program it to be an AI streamer. They would just figure it out … ‘We want this streamer to have a really sweet and bubbly personality’ and then they’ll just grab all the typical sayings and responses.”

VTubers are incredibly popular members of the Twitch community, with Ironmouse ending 2022 with 1.4 million followers. She also holds the record for the most concurrent subscribers for a female streamer, with over 170,000. There’s clearly a thirst for more unique content from content creators in the streaming space, and the next logical step there may be the creation of more AI streamers.

It’s certainly true that more AI content is being created and interacted with, as the final few months of 2022 especially proved that the craze is able to capture the imaginations of the global population. Millions uploaded images of themselves to different mobile apps such as Lensa for magic avatars, showing that while some have fears about what AI could mean for the future, they’re still willing to share their personal data to experience its “magic” for themselves.

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