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Hogwarts Legacy Delay Rumored After Steam Release Date is Changed (Update)

UPDATE: Hogwarts Legacy publisher Warner Bros. Games has confirmed that the game isn’t being delayed, writing the following tweet to a concerned follower:

Hey there! Hogwarts Legacy is still set to begin releasing next month on the appropriate dates for each system and console. We hope this clears things up! If you need anything else, please feel free to reach back out and let us know.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fans fear another Hogwarts Legacy delay after the upcoming game’s Steam release date was changed, with it now vaguely listed as “coming soon.”

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to release on February 10, 2023, though a recent change made to its Steam page removed its release date altogether. The change was made earlier today, as noted on SteamDB, though publisher Warner Bros. Games hasn’t officially discussed the alteration

Will Hogwarts Legacy be delayed again?

A further delay to Hogwarts Legacy this close to launch seems unlikely at this point, given how close the game is to launch. However, it’s curious that the change to its Steam release date page was made numerous hours ago, and has yet to be rectified if it’s a mistake.

Many have suggested that this change could be the result of a bug on Steam’s end. As pointed out by a user on Reddit, Forspoken is another upcoming game that has had its Steam release date changed today, despite it still being set for a January 24 launch. On the other hand, in December developer Avalanche Software revealed that the game’s PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions would be delayed.

It would certainly be unusual for Hogwarts Legacy to reveal such a last-minute delay, especially since the game’s promotional efforts are now in full swing. Recently, WB Games and Avalanche revealed that actor Simon Pegg would be joining its voice cast, portraying Hogwarts headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black.

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