Steam Deck Reservation Queue

Steam Deck Available Now as Reservation Queue is Completed

Thanks to component shortages and the subsequent supply constraints, Steam Deck has always had a reservation queue so players could get their hands on the device without having to deal with bots and scalpers. This will no longer be the case, though, as the reservation queue has been completed and the device is available now for players to buy without a reservation.

Will there ever be a Steam Deck reservation queue again?

Valve has gradually been increasing its rate of Steam Deck production. As such, they have managed to eliminate the original reservation queue today, October 6, 2022. However, the company has said that if orders ever surpass their ability to ship the device in a timely manner, delivery times will take longer until eventually, they will revert back to a reservation queue. This will not be a permanent move though, as that queue will also disappear if they manage to fulfill all reservations once again.

There are now three models of Steam Deck available for purchase: the 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB models. All come with an expected shipping date of 1-2 weeks. The good news comes at the same time as the delayed Steam Deck Docking Station also became available for purchase.

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