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‘Bring Back Zack Snyder’ Trends as Dwayne Johnson Reveals Black Adam 2 is Canceled

It’s now official that Black Adam 2 is canceled in the new James Gunn DC universe, as both Dwayne Johnson and the DC co-head confirm. Between this, Wonder Woman 3, Henry Cavill Superman, and various actor recasting, fans have begun tweeting ‘bring back Zack Snyder’ and ‘restore the Snyderverse’ once again.

Black Adam 2 canceled in the new James Gunn DC universe

Dwayne Johnson and James Gunn have now confirmed what many fans expected: Black Adam 2 is canceled, at least for now. Johnson states that Black Adam will not feature in the “first chapter of storytelling” for the new DC universe. The character may be utilized in “future DC multiverse chapters,” possibly a future Shazam movie, but a new movie seems unlikely for now.

Many DC fans have been upset with this news or other recent universe decisions by James Gunn, Peter Safran, and Warner Bros. The confirmation that Henry Cavill is not returning for the new Superman movie, despite October’s Black Adam featuring a much-publicized cameo, upset many people.

The hashtag ‘fire James Gunn’ is still trending on Twitter. It is joined by the call to bring in Man of Steel and Justice League director Zack Snyder as the planner of the DC movie universe. The common ‘restore the Snyderverse,’ ‘boycott WB,’ and the newer ‘bring back Zack Snyder’ tags are still trending.

It seems highly unlikely that James Gunn would step down and even less likely that Warner Bros would bring back Zack Snyder. While 2021’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut was well received, movies such as Batman V Superman were highly divisive among critics and audiences. Furthermore, Snyder has Army of the Dead 2 and his own sci-fi movie Rebel Moon to concentrate on. While all this DC controversy was going on, Snyder revealed a new pic of Rebel Moon.

James Gunn, Peter Safran, and Warner Bros have their own plans for the DC universe, and apparently “a few” projects will be revealed in January 2023. Hopefully, these projects will calm the fanbase a little.

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